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The Alternate Uses test was administered to a sample of 60 college students. Three different criteria of originality were used in scoring: subjective judgment, statistical infrequency, and random numbers. Correlations among the three methods exceeded .67 (p < .01). The explanation for this finding is that the originality scores are strongly influenced by(More)
This article reports how the Self-Monitoring Scale (M. Snyder, 1974) predicted integration in the student integration model (V. Tinto, 1987, 1993) among a sample of 380 American community college students. A 2 x 2 between-subjects multivariate analysis of variance was performed on 2 dependent variables: academic and social integration. The independent(More)
The effects of massed versus distributed practice on achievement and test anxiety were investigated using a quasi-experimental design employing 56 college students under two conditions. Test anxiety was assessed using Sarason's four-dimensional Reactions to Tests, while classroom achievement was measured on tests using multiple-choice applications.(More)
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