D J Hingerty

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Bodansky, AM. (1938). Introduction to Physiological Chemistry, 4th ed. p. 383. New York: Wiley. Boekenoogen, H. A. (1948). De Scheikunde der olien en vetten. Utrecht: N.V. Oosthoek's Uitg. -Mij. Brouwer, E. & Nijkamp, H. J. (1952). Biochem. J. 52, 54. Hilditch, T. P. (1949). The Chemical Constitution of Natural Fats, p. 392. London: Chapman and Hall.(More)
Vitamin A acetate and vitamin A alcohol, triolein I(131), oleic acid I(131), and fat balance tests have been assessed in studies on cases of coeliac disease, pancreatic insufficiency, and some disorders of the small intestinal wall. In coeliac disease a very low serum carotene and flat vitamin A absorption curves have been noted. The contrast between(More)
The instability of vitamin A alcohol relative to vitamin A acetate has been studied in vivo and in vitro. Vitamin A alcohol is more unstable than vitamin A acetate in human gastric and duodenal juice and in rats' stomachs and intestines and is more marked at lower pH levels and in rats' stomachs. Alpha tocopherol improved the absorption curve of vitamin A(More)