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In Experiment 1, braille symbols for the letters A-J were found to be more haptically discriminable from one another than braille symbols for the letters K-T. In Experiment 2, subjects learned the names for the A-J symbols faster than for the K-T symbols. Experiment 3 demonstrated that faster learning of the names for the A-J than for the K-T symbols is(More)
Considerable attention has been focussed on the use of wavelet transforms for seismic data compression. In addition to data compression, wavelet transforms also provide a powerful tool for analysis and processing of seismic data. In the frequency domain, wavelet transforms can be expressed as pairs of low and high pass filters that are repeatedly applied to(More)
Hyper-redundant manipulators offer the ability to move within physically constrained spaces, which can be of particular benefit; e.g. inspection and maintenance in hazardous or otherwise hard-to-access environments. However, being comprised of several links joined end-to-end, they can exhibit rather complex kinematics, low values of flexural stiffness and(More)
The success of wavelet transforms for seismic data compression leads naturally to the idea of “compressing” numerical wavefield propagators. In spite of numerous efforts (i.e. Beylkin, 1992, Dessing and Wapenaar, 1995, Mosher, Foster, and Wu, 1996) application of orthogonal wavelet bases to wavefield propagation has had limited success. In this work, we(More)
In this work a twin well CMOS process with shallow sources and drains (0.2pm) has NMOS and PMOS transistors isolated by 1pm wide and 2pm deep trenches. The trenches are passivated with both a sidewall oxide and a nitride layer and filled with poly-Si. The sidewall nitride layer prevents the encroachment of the field oxide into the active area and hence(More)
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