D J Demaster

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The net inputs of silicic acid (dissolved silica) to the world ocean have been revised to 6.1 +/- 2.0 teramoles of silicon per year (1 teramole = 10(12) moles). The major contribution (about 80 percent) comes from rivers, whose world average silicic acid concentration is 150 micromolar. These inputs are reasonably balanced by the net ouputs of biogenic(More)
A predominant sigmoidal clinoform deposit extends from the Yangtze River mouth southwards 800 km along the Chinese coast. This clinoform is thickest ($40 m) between the 20 and 30 m isobaths and progressively thins offshore, reaching water depths of 60 and 90 m and distances up to 100 km offshore. Clay mineral, heavy metal, geochemical and grain-size(More)
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