D J Charette

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At a major endemic focus in New Jersey, 50% of 290 adult Ixodes dammini collected in the fall of 1984 were infected with the Lyme disease spirochete (Borrelia burgdorferi), which was statistically higher than the rate found in the 202 adult ticks (39.6%) examined during the spring. Neither sex nor site of collection within the focus significantly affected(More)
NEffBOLEPTANAL6ESIA (NLA) has been practiced in Europe since 1959, and today the largest personal series exceed 10,000 cases, z The anaesthetic aims at providing psychomotor sedation while leaving cortical and homeostatic hmctions as intact as possible. ~ At the present time this selective action is achieved by the use of two agents, droperidol and(More)
A method for determining 0.0005-0.05% of cobalt and zinc in high-purity niobium, tantalum, molybdenum and tungsten metals by atomic-absorption spectrophotometry is described. After sample dissolution, cobalt and zinc are separated simultaneously from the matrix materials by chloroform extraction of their thiocyanatediantipyrylmethane ion-association(More)
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