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In this study, 64% of children aged 7-12 years with sickle cell disease were found to have a parent-reported behavior problem, and 50% met the criteria for a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (3rd ed.) diagnosis based on a structural clinical interview of the child. Internalizing types of behavior problems and diagnoses were the most(More)
Assessed the psychological adjustment of 78 mothers of children and adolescents (7-17 years of age) with sickle cell disease. Support was provided for a transactional stress and coping model in delineating the processes associated with maternal adjustment. In particular, poor maternal adjustment was associated with use of palliative coping methods and high(More)
The present exploratory study was designed to determine whether a sample of depressed adolescents differed from demographically similar samples of normal and non-depressed psychiatric controls as a function of their perceived patterns of parental bonding. All research participants were recruited from the general population. Diagnoses were based on a(More)
Contrary to earlier epidemiological data, recent evidence points to a significantly greater proportion of men than women among schizophrenic patients diagnosed by current restrictive criteria. In this study, the authors analyzed the effect of using six different diagnostic systems (varying in their stringency) on the male to female ratio of schizophrenia(More)
Although the methodological problems associated with the use of children's self-report depression inventories have previously been discussed in detail, the ethical problems related to the use of these instruments have been largely ignored. The primary purpose of this survey study was to determine how childhood depression researchers have prepared for and(More)
Cognitive-developmental studies relevant to children's concepts of physical illness are reviewed and critiqued. Although numerous methodological weaknesses make firm conclusions difficult, most data appear to suggest that children's concepts of illness do evolve in a systematic and predictable sequence consistent with Piaget's theory of cognitive(More)
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