D. J. Blasucci

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Two formulations of indapamide tablets (2.5 mg) were given as a 5.0 mg dose and the subsequent blood levels were compared to those obtained after administration of a 5.0 mg solution. The study was conducted as a randomized three-way crossover design using healthy male volunteers. The drug was well tolerated by all the subjects involved. The area under the(More)
Dilevalol hydrochloride, the R-R optical isomer of labetalol hydrochloride, was administered intravenously to subjects with severe hypertension. Twelve subjects with supine diastolic blood pressure of more than 115 mm Hg (mean, 124 +/- 2 mm Hg) were studied. Initial doses of 25 mg of dilevalol administered as a slowly given bolus reduced blood pressure by(More)
Dilevalol combines a nonselective blocking action on beta-receptors with selective beta 2-agonist activity. In this double-blind, three-way, crossover study, the effects of relatively high single doses of dilevalol (400 mg), metoprolol (200 mg), a placebo on pulmonary function and their interaction with isoproterenol (160 and 480 micrograms) were evaluated(More)
Fifty-two asthmatic patients with mild to moderate hypertension were screened for bronchosensitivity to propranolol in a double-blind randomized fashion after a 2-week minimum placebo run-in period. Thirty-five patients qualified on the basis of a decrease in 1-second forced expiratory volume FEV1 by greater than or equal to 20% after 80 mg of propranolol(More)
Dilevalol, an agent that combines nonselective beta-blocking and beta 2-mediated vasodilating properties, was compared with placebo in 16 subjects with moderate hypertension in a double-blind crossover study. Dilevalol or a placebo was administered intravenously in bolus injections of 25, 50, and 50 mg at 15-minute intervals. Fifteen minutes after a(More)
Dilevalol, the stereoisomer of labetalol, was given in repeated incremental intravenous bolus injections to 10 patients with severe hypertension requiring urgent blood pressure lowering. The mean cumulative dose of dilevalol was 445 +/- 165 mg. Blood pressure was reduced from 201 +/- 33/131 +/- 13 to 150 +/- 12/109 +/- 7 mm Hg (p less than 0.01) and heart(More)
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