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3H-corticoids were localized by autoradiography in small neurons in the area of the magnocellular paraventricular nucleus of mallard ducks. Correlative data show that: (1) the label is principally unmetabolized steroid, (2) the hypothalamus competitively binds corticosterone, (3) the paraventricular nucleus contains immunoreactive neurophysin, is richly(More)
The compartmentalization of the parenchyma of the corpus luteum in the dog was studied by both 100 and 1000 KV electron microscopy. The organelles within the luteal cell are oriented with a high degree of consistency towards the pericapillary space. Characteristically, the avascular pole and the lateral margins of the cell possess predominantly stacked and(More)
The effects of depleting brain catecholamines with a combined treatment of reserpine and α-methyl-p-tyrosine on serum corticosterone levels and release of immunoreactive neurophysin from the median eminence, in osmotically stressed and unstressed mallard ducks, were studied. Corticoid levels in salt loaded birds were more than three times that of unstressed(More)
The transition from ovarian granulosa to lutein cell during the estrus cycle of 60 pregnant and non-pregnant beagle bitches was analyzed by light and electron microscopy (both 100 and 1000 KV). Early proestrus was characterized by a gradual rise in serum estrogen levels, hyperplasia of the granulosa cells, the accumulation of follicular fluid, and the(More)
The role of the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) and biogenic amines (BA) in regulating the level of corticoids in the serum of osmotically stressed mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) was analyzed employing three experimental approaches: 1) pharmacologic alteration of central BA levels, 2) microscopic evaluation of BA distribution, and 3) placement of(More)
When taking an impression of the external ear canal and ear, the audiologist is engaged in an invasive procedure whereby a foreign body is first placed into the ear canal and then removed. There is always an element of risk for significant medical problems when a clinician is performing an invasive procedure. Although some minor patient discomfort and, at(More)