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Direct microinjection has been used to introduce foreign DNA into a number of terminally differentiated cell types as well as embryos of several species including sea urchin, Candida elegans, Xenopus, Drosophila and mice. Various genes have been successfully introduced into mice including constructs consisting of the mouse metallothionein-I (MT)(More)
Tissue sections from testes and epididymides obtained from 17 young beef bulls with scrotal circumference (SC) between 27 and 40.5 cm were studied to determine whether small testes were a manifestation of lesions or a result of less, but otherwise normal, seminiferous epithelium. The SC correlated negatively with the estimates of germinal epithelial loss(More)
We have produced transgenic pigs that harbour structural genes for bovine and human growth hormone (bGH and hGH) ligated to a mouse metallothionein-I (MT) promoter, human growth hormone-releasing factor (hGRF) ligated to the MT or mouse albumin (ALB) promoter, and human insulin-like growth factor-I (hIGF-I) ligated to MT promoter. From 0.31 to 1.03% of(More)
The effects of adrenal steroids on testosterone and LH secretion and changes in serum cortisol levels in response to treatments were studied in the ram. Acute administration of synthetic ACTH (10 micrograms/kg BW) elevated (P less than 0.01) serum cortisol and transiently suppressed (P less than 0.05) serum testosterone and LH. Acute dexamethasone treatment(More)
Pronuclei of fertilized sheep ova were injected with fusion genes consisting of the mouse metallothionein-I promotor/regulator ligated to either the structural gene for bovine growth hormone (mMTbGH) or to a minigene for human growth hormone-releasing factor (mMThGRF). From a total of 842 sheep ova injected with mMTbGH and transferred into recipient ewes,(More)
Genetic engineering of livestock is expected to have a major effect on the agricultural industry. However, accurate assessment of the consequences of transgene expression is impossible without multigenerational studies. A systematic study of the beneficial and adverse consequences of long-term elevations in the plasma levels of bovine growth hormone (bGH)(More)
Multiparous Holstein cows (n = 18) were fed a total mixed ration containing corn silage, corn grain, whole cottonseed, soybean meal, dried distillers grains, and chopped bermudagrass hay (control) or same diet plus Ca salts of long-chain fatty acids (2.2% of diet DM) for the first 60 d postpartum. Predicted energy balance was calculated from DM intake, milk(More)
The concentration of bovine placental lactogen (bPL) was determined in fetal placentomes, allantoic fluid, amniotic fluid, maternal and fetal plasma throughout pregnancy. In addition, chromatofocusing chromatography was used to separate the different forms of bPL found both in fetal serum and in placental homogenates in order to determine whether the(More)