D. I. Stamp

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We studied the effect of cooked food components on the promotion of microadenoma growth in the colons of mice and rats. CF1 mice and Fisher 344 rats were initiated with azoxymethane, with 152 mice receiving four weekly i.p. injections of 5 mg/kg, 59 rats receiving a single injection of 20 mg/kg, and 24 rats receiving 30 mg/kg. A week after the last(More)
Foci of aberrant crypts similar to those seen in experimental animals exposed to colon carcinogens have been identified and quantified on the mucosal surface of fixed resections of human colon after methylene blue staining. Many of the foci in humans showed dysplasia on histologic examination and were considered to be microadenoma (MA). These lesions may be(More)
A TLC procedure which resolves two molecular species of ethanolamine plasmalogen, Pl-PE-1 and Pl-PE-2, was used to compare the ratio of these was species in myelin isolated from normal appearing white matter from brains of 17 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, 17 normal (N) individuals, 1 patient with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) and 1 patient(More)
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