D. I. Parolla

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Total cerebral blood flow and blood flow in 10 brain structures of unanesthetized rats were measured by the indicator fractionation technique under different oxygen pressures. The first electrical discharge seen under high oxygen pressure was considered as an early sign of brain oxygen toxicity. It was found that the effect of high oxygen pressure on(More)
Po2 changes in the thalamus, hippocampus, reticular formation, and cortex, and cortical electrical activity, were recorded simultaneously in unanesthetized, unrestrained rabbits breathing air or hyperbaric oxygen. The average tissue Po2 of investigated brain structures during exposure to 100% oxygen at 7 ATA pressures, was two to three times greater than(More)
Simultaneous determinations of cerebral blood flow, measured by 85Kr clearance, and of intracranial pressure, measured in the cisterna magna, were made in anesthetized normocapnic and hypercapnic vagotomized cats. All animals were tested at their normal arterial pressure and at elevated arterial pressure induced by angiotensin infusion. Autoregulatory(More)