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[Reserve of serum lipids for peroxidation during oxidative stress in rats].
The index quantitatively characterizing the serum lipids reserve for peroxidation (SLRP) was developed and evaluated in rats with simulated toxic (CCl4) hepatitis. The index represents a ratio ofExpand
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[Combined treatment with reaferon and iodantipirin in patients with chronic viral hepatitides B and C].
AIM To examine clinical efficacy of combined therapy with reaferon and iodantipirin in patients with chronic hepatitis B and C of moderate activity. MATERIAL AND METHODS 100 patients with confirmedExpand
[The characteristics of the mechanism of action in the electro- and ultraphonophoresis of brine and mud preparations].
Rat experiments with short-life radionuclides revealed a marked differences in the action of dry mud extract and dry brine in spite of the fact that their composition was almost similar.Expand
[Effect of the energy metabolism regulator Yantar-Antitox on the system of energy production in rat liver during experimental pathology of beta-oxidation].
Effects of the Yantar-Aantitox (succinic acid preparation) preparation on bioenergetic processes in mitochondria of rat liver during the experimental disorders of beta oxidation process evoked byExpand
[A comparative evaluation of the effect of different types of sapropel on dynamic liver function in intact rats and in the modelling of toxic hepatitis].
A course of silicic sapropel applications compared to calcareous sapropel induced a reversible fall of total lipid concentration in blood serum of intact rats. Sapropels of different kinds and of theExpand
[Effect of apoproteins of blood lipoproteins on the functional state of rat liver mitochondria].
ApoLPHD and apoLPVLD affected the oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria isolated from liver tissue of starved and intact rats depending on the dose administered; apoLPHD exhibited a partialExpand
[The characteristics of the mechanism of action in the joint use of solutions of brine and mud extracts with galvanization and ultrasonic exposure. 2].
Radionuclide tracing has demonstrated that intraperitoneal introduction of natural brine and mud solutions to intact rats followed by ultrasound versus galvanization provides more intensive deliveryExpand
[Features of oxidation of reserve lipids in liver mitochondria during starvation: the role of non-heme iron and free radical fatty acid oxidation].
Structure-functional transformation fo respiratory chain, developed in response to 72 hrs starvation involved the following alterations: 1. in mitochondria of starved rats distinct increase wsExpand
[The effect of the combined action of applications of sapropel and of a nonuniform permanent magnetic field on the dynamics of the recovery processes in damage to the liver parenchyma (experimental
Effectiveness of applications of saprol and nonuniform constant magnetic field (NUCMF) used alone and in combination was studied on the model of experimental toxic rat hepatitis. NUCMF had noExpand