D. I. Karpov

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Outer Medullary Collecting Duct (OMCD) principal cells are exposed to significant changes of the extracellular osmolarity and thus the analysis of their regulatory volume decrease (RVD) function is of great importance in order to avoid cell membrane rupture and subsequent death. In this paper we provide a sub-second temporal analysis of RVD events occurring(More)
Kidney collecting duct principal cells play a key role in regulated tubular reabsorption of water and sodium and secretion of potassium. The importance of this function for the maintenance of the osmotic homeostasis of the whole organism motivates extensive study of the ion transport properties of collecting duct principal cells. We performed experimental(More)
79 Epithelial cells contact the environment where osmotic pressure may change in a wide range. Effi cient mechanisms providing for cell volume regulation are necessary for maintaining osmotic balance, espe cially in a hypotonic medium. In this work, we have experimentally studied the changes in the volume of the principal cells of the renal collecting ducts(More)
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