D. I. Bayramashvili

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Photoreceptor discs from rod outer segments of cattle retina were treated with (a) papain, (b) thermolysin or (c) trypsin, the procedures resulting in the cleavage of the rhodopsin polypeptide chain between (a) 323 and 324, 236 and 237, 241 and 242, (b) 327 and 328, 240 and 241, or (c) 339 and 340 amino acid residues, respectively. In all the cases,(More)
The relationship between the structures of polymyxins and their histamine releasing action on rat mast cells was studied. Analogues of polymyxin B (PB) had different hydrophobic properties, positive charge and peptide chains (deca-, nona- and heptapeptides). The biologic activities of cyclic and decyclic heptapeptides (analogues of PB), and polymyxin M and(More)
Size-exclusion chromatography based on silica-diol sorbent was employed to analyze the recombinant proinsulin fusion protein obtained during the process of refolding and the following ion-exchange purification. The assay was qualified as a control method estimating its accuracy, precision, linearity, limit of detection, limits of quantitation, specificity,(More)
One of the main stages of human recombinant insulin (HRI) production is the hormone purification by means of reversed phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP HPLC). The optimization of this stage determines the increase of the total manufacturing yield. Therefore, the cost of the sorbent used in HPLC influences the cost of the manufacturing(More)
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