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This paper considers the production responses to demand uncertainty within the hospital sector. It is noted that such responses have an impact on hospital cost structures. An empirical model is specified. Estimation is undertaken on a sample of UK hospitals over the period 1993-1995, differentiating between hospital output which arises from uncertain demand(More)
The implementation of film replacement digital radiographic imaging systems throughout Europe is now gathering momentum. Such systems create the foundations for totally digital departments of radiology, since radiographic examinations constitute the most prevalent modality. Although this type of development will lead to improvements in the delivery and(More)
Rapamycin is a drug with several important clinical uses. Its complex structure means that total synthesis of this natural product and its analogues is demanding and lengthy. A more expeditious approach is to utilise biosynthesis to enable the generation of otherwise synthetically intractable analogues. In order to achieve this, rules governing biosynthetic(More)
Drug-like molecules with activity against Trypanosoma brucei are urgently required as potential therapeutics for the treatment of African sleeping sickness. Starting from known inhibitors of other glycosyltransferases, we have developed the first small molecular inhibitors of dolicholphosphate mannose synthase (DPMS), a mannosyltransferase critically(More)
Under conventional heat (135-145 degrees C) or microwave irradiation and 1 equiv of acetic anhydride, ortho-substituted aryl-oximes undergo a novel sp3 C-H activated cyclization to produce the corresponding isoindoles, and aliphatic oximes afford the corresponding dihydropyrroles. The cyclization occurs with various substrates in good yield (46-82%) leading(More)
BACKGROUND The NICE head injury guidelines recommend a different approach in the management of head injury patients. It suggests that CT head scan should replace skull x ray (SXR) and observation/admission as the first investigation. We wished to determine the impact of NICE on SXR, CT scan, and admission on all patients with head injury presenting to the(More)
Covering: 1985 to 2001.This paper describes a fifteen year journey from concept to clinical discovery and development of the first in class caspofungin acetate (CANCIDAS®) a parenteral antifungal agent. Caspofungin is a semisynthetic derivative of pneumocandin B0, a naturally occurring, lipophilic cyclic peptide isolated from the fungus, Glarea lozoyensis.(More)
The silyl ethers 3-But-2-(OSiMe3)C6H3CH=NR (2a-e) have been prepared by deprotonation of the known iminophenols (1a-e) and treatment with SiClMe3 (a, R = C6H5; b, R = 2,6-Pri2C6H3; c, R = 2,4,6-Me3C6H2; d, R = 2-C6H5C6H4; e, R = C6F5). 2a-c react with TiCl4 in hydrocarbon solvents to give the binuclear complexes [Ti{3-But-2-(O)C6H3CH=N(R)}Cl(mu-Cl3)TiCl3](More)
A porphyrin-ferrocene dyad has been synthesized in which there is close face-to-face contact between the two aromatic systems, providing a model for heterobimetallic polymers based on the same repeating unit. Attempts to synthesize the 2:1 adduct instead led to a remarkable intramolecular Heck-type cyclization which planarizes the system and extends the(More)
A conceptually and practically simple alternative approach to the use of arylboron species as the organometallic component in cross-coupling processes is described whereby trihydroxyborate salts are isolated and directly employed. The protocol derives practical benefit from the ease and convenience of the isolation and subsequent use of the discrete borate(More)