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Genome-wide scans were conducted for tuberculosis and leprosy per se in Brazil. At stage 1, 405 markers (10 cM map) were typed in 16 (178 individuals) tuberculosis and 21 (173 individuals) leprosy families. Nonparametric multipoint analysis detected 8 and 9 chromosomal regions respectively with provisional evidence (P<0.05) for linkage. At stage 2, 58(More)
Neuroimaging studies of healthy aging often reveal differences in neural activation patterns between young and elderly groups for episodic memory tasks, even though there are no differences in behavioral performance. One explanation typically offered is that the elderly compensate for their memory deficiencies through the recruitment of additional(More)
Auditory response profiles for a group of ten healthy young and ten healthy elderly subjects, evoked by implicit memory and delayed verbal recognition tasks, were evaluated to determine if effects of stimulus repetition could be identified in the superior temporal gyrus (STG) and prefrontal cortical regions. We hypothesized that effects of stimulus(More)
PURPOSE To determine the cost of transfusing 2 units (U) of packed RBCs at a comprehensive cancer center. METHODS We performed a process-flow analysis to identify all costs of transfusing 2 U of allogeneic packed RBCs on an outpatient basis to patients with either (1) solid tumor who did not undergo bone marrow transplantation (BMT), (2) solid tumor who(More)
OBJECTIVE The role of the ipsilateral cortex in proximal muscle control in normal human subjects is still under debate. One clinical finding, rapid recovery of proximal muscle relative to distal muscle use following stroke, has led to the suggestion that the ipsilateral as well as the contralateral motor cortex may be involved in normal proximal muscle(More)
We used magnetoencephalography in combination with magnetic resonance imaging to investigate the effects of aging on the temporal dynamics of activity localized to several brain regions during an auditory oddball task. The most interesting effects were noted in the superior temporal gyrus as follows: (1) responses were generally stronger to rare than to(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has shown oprelvekin (recombinant human interleukin-11 [rhIL-11]) to be effective in reducing the requirements for platelet transfusions after myelosuppressive chemotherapy in patients who have previously experienced thrombocytopenia. The economic consequences of the routine use of this platelet growth factor and the usual(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated U.S. methanol-poisoning exposures since little recent information is available about the frequency, sources of methanol, or outcomes of individuals who consume methanol. METHODS We reviewed human methanol exposures reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers Toxic Exposure Surveillance System 1993-1998. (More)
The primary purpose of these studies was to link together concepts related to attention/working memory and feedforward/feedback activity using MEG response profiles obtained in humans. Similar to recent studies of attention in monkeys, we show early “spike-like” activity (<200 ms poststimulus), most likely reflecting an early transient excitatory response(More)
Electroejaculation (EEJ) has been used successfully to collect samples suitable for genome resource banking from a variety of endangered wildlife species. Ejaculates can also be used to evaluate the reproductive potential of individuals and provide information on seminal characteristics to aid in the development of sperm cryopreservation techniques.(More)