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There is a common clinical belief that transverse plane tibial rotation is controlled by the rearfoot. Although distal structures may influence the motion of the tibia, transverse plane tibial rotation could be determined by the proximal hip musculature. Cadaver studies have identified gluteus maximus as having the largest capacity for external rotation of(More)
A low parasitic inductance ground for SiGe power amplifiers has been implemented using a deep silicon via (DSV). The advantages and opportunities that this approach opens for the power amplifier (PA) design process are demonstrated. DSV resistance, inductance, and data from IV sweep, RF characterization and loadpull measurements are analyzed.
This paper examines the historical effects of El Niño on world prices and economic activity. Although the primary focus is on world real non-oil primary commodity prices, the effects on G-7 consumer price inflation and GDP growth are also considered. This paper has several distinct advantages over previous studies. First, several econometric models are(More)
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