D. Houston

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Each of us has a complex and reciprocal relationship with our environment. Based on limited knowledge of this interwoven set of influences and consequences, we constantly make choices: where to live, how to go to work, what brands to buy, what to do with our leisure time. These choices evolve into patterns, and these patterns become driving functions of our(More)
Cost of software quality (CoSQ) is an accounting technique that is useful to enable our understanding of the economic tradeoffs involved in delivering good quality software. Commonly used in manufacturing, its adaptation to software offers the promise of preventing poor quality, but, unfortunately has seen little use to date. This article discusses the(More)
This case study illustrates the application of Six Sigma process improvement to software upgrades justification. Specifically, software use was simulated based on business process maps and data provided by users. The simulation results were combined with upgrade investment estimates to calculate the return on investment and justify the upgrades.
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