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The confirmation or disconfirmation of initial client expectation with regard to the psychotherapy process was related to drop out from psychotherapy for clients of a university psychological clinic. Previous hypotheses and research findings emphasized the existence of a linear relationship between expectancy confirmation or disconfirmation and drop out(More)
Practitioners in the mental health professions presently are faced with the tasks of understanding the dynamics involved in the problem of child abuse and devising efficacious treatment and rehabilitation programs for both the abusive parent and the abused child. The present paper reviews research done by comparative psychologists more than a decade ago(More)
Examined the effects of a treatment program of patient decision making and self-management upon the self-concept, locus of control and behavioral adjustment of psychiatric patients. It was hypothesized that patients exposed to the experimental treatment would reveal significantly higher levels of self-concept, lower levels of external control and more(More)
Twenty men undergoing vasectomies completed the Tennessee Self Concept Scale shortly before the operation and again at 6- and 18-month postoperative follow-up periods. Twenty nonvasectomy comparison subjects completed the test at the same points in time. Results indicated that vasectomy adversely affects psychological adjustment, and this effect fluctuates(More)
Relationships were investigated between initial levels of client disturbance in each of 10 problem areas and client drop-out, lateness to, and absence from therapy, expectations with regard to therapy, and various demographic variables. Data were obtained from 154 outpatients at a university psychological clinic. Correlations computed between initial(More)
Previous research in college student mental health indicates that most psychological problems stem from the academic area of the student's life. However, many previous studies focused upon the general college population and did not consider the problems of students who are receiving mental health services. In the present study, college students who sought(More)
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