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Energy efficiency has become an increasingly important aspect of designing access networks, due to both increased concerns for global warming and increased network costs related to energy consumption. Comparing access, metro, and core, the access constitutes a substantial part of the per subscriber network energy consumption and is regarded as the(More)
Simple sequence repeat (SSRs) of DNA are subject to high rates of mutation and are important mediators of adaptation in Haemophilus influenzae. Previous studies of the Rd KW20 genome identified the primacy of tetranucleotide SSRs in mediating phase variation (the rapid reversible switching of gene expression) of surface exposed structures such as(More)
Biochemical parameters, such as oxygen consumption rate by muscle post mortem (OCR), depth of oxygen penetration into meat, rates of myoglobin oxygenation and deoxygenation and myoglobin content and succinic dehydrogenase activity, were determined for muscles of differing colour stability. Metmyoglobin reduction, in anoxia following oxidation with(More)
Storage variables, such as age of meat, temperature and humidity of storage, and commercial preparation of meat, were evaluated for their effects on the colour stability and weight loss of fresh beef packaged in anoxic gas atmospheres. Apart from age of meat post mortem, increasing storage temperature has the most marked effect on reducing colour stability(More)
Loin steaks and cubes of M. semimembranosus from eight (12 month old) Galloway steers and eight (16-18 month old) Charolais cross steers raised in England and from which the meat was conditioned for 2 or 10 days, were assessed in research centres in Belgium, Denmark, England, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands.(More)
Sixteen minced samples of lean beef M. semimembranosus and M. gracilis were analysed for nitrogen, fat, moisture, collagen, ash and pH using recommended procedures in eight European Communitie' (EC) meat research laboratories. Differences between replicate determinations within laboratories were often larger than suggested in reference methods although they(More)
Anoxic gas-packaging of fresh beef was developed using a catalytic oxygen-scavenging system. Retail cuts of fresh beef do not discolour during storage periods of up to 3 weeks at 0°C in this system. The colour shelf-life of different muscles, subsequent to anoxic gas-packaging, are related to their intrinsic colour stabilities. Colour shelf-life decreases(More)
A 41-year-old man with a left ventricular aneurysm received electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for treatment of depression, tolerating the procedure without any cardiovascular complications. This case suggests that ECT may be safely administered to patients with ventricular aneurysm and multiple cardiac risk factors provided that additional precautions are(More)