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We analyze a generic reaction-diffusion model that contains the important features of Turing systems and that has been extensively used in the past to model biological interesting patterns. This model presents various fixed points. Analysis of this model has been made in the past only in the case when there is only a single fixed point, and a phase diagram(More)
There are many aspects of crop management that might benefit from aerial observation. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms are evolving rapidly both technically and with regard to regulations. The purpose of this study was to acquire images with conventional RGB cameras using UAVs and process them to obtain geo-referenced ortho-images with the aim of(More)
The two dark sectors of the universe-dark matter and dark energy-may interact with each other. Background and linear density perturbation evolution equations are developed for a generic coupling. We then establish the general conditions necessary to obtain models free from early time non-adiabatic insta-bilities. As an application, we consider a viable(More)
Theories beyond the Standard Model must necessarily respect its gauge symmetry. This implies strict constraints on the possible models of non-standard neutrino interactions, which we analyze. The focus is set on the effective low-energy dimension six and eight operators involving four leptons, decomposing them according to all possible tree-level mediators,(More)
Matlab software named PRESUD (Pressurized Subunit Design) was developed to identify the optimum microirrigation subunit design using the annual water application cost per unit of irrigated area (C T). This is defined as the cost per cubic meter of water applied to the soil for crop use, calculated as the sum of investment, maintenance, energy, and water (C(More)
Leaf area index (LAI) is involved in biological, environmental and physiological processes, which are related to photosynthesis, transpiration, interception of radiation and energy balance. Thus, most crop models use LAI as a key feature to characterize the growth and development of crops. However, direct measures of LAI are destructive and tedious so that(More)
We present a methodology that integrates an artificial intelligent technology called Artificial Neural Networks (ANN´s) to develop and build a forecasting system that determines the behavior of the pressure of an oil reservoir, from its behavior, considered as reference in relation to four neighboring wells, which are producing at the same stratum.(More)
In this paper, we examine the dynamics of reaction-diffusion systems with fractional time derivatives. It is shown that in these conditions diffusion is anomalous, in the sense that the mean-square displacement r2 approximately tgamma, where gamma<1, a situation known as subdiffusion. We study the conditions for the appearance of a diffusion-driven(More)
We discuss the generation of small neutrino masses from effective operators higher than dimension five, which open new possibilities for low scale seesaw mechanisms. In order to forbid the radiative generation of neutrino mass by lower dimensional operators, extra fields are required, which are charged under a new symmetry. We discuss this mechanism in the(More)
In this paper we study the solutions of a generalized reaction-diffusion system with a bistable reaction term, and considering directional anomalous diffusion. We use the well-known properties of fractional derivatives to model asymmetric anomalous diffusion, and obtain traveling wave solutions that propagate in a direction that depends on the metastability(More)