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The extensive consideration in this research article is to utilize the advantages of two most popular control techniques which are Non-Linear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) and Proportional Integral and Derivative (PID) controller for better stabilizing of quad-rotor VAV under different noises and disturbance conditions. The idea is to satisfy the(More)
This article presents a control approach to obtain the better stabilization in attitude and altitude of quad-rotor under different disturbance conditions. In the standard Quad-rotor rotor type UAV, controlling of attitude and altitude is one of the most critical tasks and appropriate controller for stabilization of UAV is essential and necessary. These two(More)
Two new types of control method have been developed based on model predictive control for stable-target tracking of a nonholonomic mobile robot. One method (Method 1) is a new nonlinear control method. This was developed based on model predictive control (predictive nonlinear control) to predict the next position of a mobile robot using the current(More)
This paper discussed about a simple approach for implementing well-known PID controller in microcontroller for quadrotor project. This controller will be used for stabilizing the quadrotor while in flight. Towards to stabilize this type of air craft, sensors must be used as the feedback for PID controller. A new method in sensor fusion and inclination angle(More)
There are number of failures are recorded in UAV projects because of its non-linearity nature. In Quad-rotor type Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, position controlling is one of the most critical tasks and suitable Position stabilization controller is the essential part of these types of unmanned systems. In this paper a position stabilization (i.e. x and y axes)(More)
Robot control involves advance programming, scientific and high technology. The systematic and methodological aspects of robot controls often results in having superficial control design problems that can negatively affect the robot application, usability and appeal. User friendly interface of robot control is extremely advantageous and more attractive. To(More)
This paper describes the process of designing a GUI (Graphical user interface) for a remotely operated quadrotor UAV. In the process of building this quadrotor project, SolidWork 2009 software was used to develop the prototype before the actual model is made. An IMU sensor is used to measure the orientation of the quadrotor which is processed by a(More)
Generally Quad-rotor type Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are unstable in nature, so to stabilize it, attitude controller is used. This paper presents a Fuzzy Logic based PID control system (FPID) for attitude stabilization of Quad-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Fuzzy logic controller updates the PID controller gains efficiently in such a way that it(More)
Now a day's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems are frequently used in many commercial applications. This makes UAV application as one of the hottest topic among the researchers. The most critical task for the researchers working on UAV is its proper and stable flight controlling under uncertainty and perturbed condition. In fixed wing UAV system altitude(More)