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Urinary total hydroxyproline, peptide-bound hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine glycosides, and calcium were measured in three healthy individuals subjected to weightlessness for eighty-four days and in three young quadriplegic patients. The former group had significant calciuria but no evidence of collagen degradation. The latter group, however, had conspicuous(More)
Recently we have demonstrated batch suspension culture of mammalian cells in microwell plates. Here we describe a method for fed-batch culture of an industrially relevant GS-CHO (Glutamine Synthetase-Chinese Hamster Ovary) cell line in shaken 24-standard round well (24-SRW) plates. Use of a commercially available 'sandwich lid' and appropriate dilution of(More)
BACKGROUND Males with fragile X syndrome and autism (FXS/autism) represent a distinct subgroup of males with FXS at risk for markedly poorer outcomes. Early identification and intervention can improve outcomes for males with autism spectrum disorder. METHOD To advance the development of a specialised autism screening tool for young males with FXS that(More)
With the advent of large scale integration (LSI and VLSI), logic circuit densities per chip have grown to hundreds and thousands. The arrangement of interconnected logic circuits of different sizes and shapes poses a difficult combinatorial placement problem. In this paper, an overview of techniques is presented for placing different size rectangular(More)
Emergent literacy in young children with visual impairments is examined using a conceptual framework proposed by Sénéchal, LeFevre, Smith-Chant, and Colton (2001). The utility of this framework for young children with visual impairments is illustrated using data from a field study of preschool classes for children with visual impairments. Relatively little(More)
Research supporting specific instructional approaches for young children with visual impairments and blindness is limited. There is, however, a growing body of evidence to support the belief that the critical components of emergent and early conventional literacy for children with visual impairments do not differ markedly from those of their sighted peers.(More)
Measurements of urinary hydroxylysine glycosides indicate that considerable collagen degradation occurred during the reentry into the earth's atmosphere of the American astronauts of the Apollo-Soyuz mission. Since the crew accidentally inhaled nitrogen dioxide, a recognized pulmonary irritant, and showed clinical and roentgenographic signs of diffuse(More)
Separation of mixtures containing hypophosphite, phosphite, orthophosphate, chloride, nitrate and sulphate ions has been achieved using a Vydac 300 IC 405 column, refractive index detection and eluents which were 2mM in p-hydroxy benzoic acid or 4mM in p-amino benzoic acid (adjusted to ph 5.5). Calibration curves were linear over the concentration range 3(More)