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Teams are formed to benefit from an expanded pool of expertise and experience, yet 2 aspects of the conflict stemming from those core differences will ultimately play a large role in determining team viability and productivity: conflict states and conflict processes. The current study theoretically reorganizes the literature on team conflict--distinguishing(More)
The components of human resource (HR) flexibility and their potential relationship to firm performance have not been empirically examined. The authors hypothesize that flexibility of employee skills, employee behaviors, and HR practices represent critical subdimensions of HR flexibility and are related to superior firm performance. Results based on(More)
Natural computing: the study of computation inspired by nature. Molecular programming: engineering of functional molecular systems using the principles of computer science. Refereed Publications: (citations: >1200, h-index: 11 [Google Scholar]) [α] = alphabetical author order following a theoretical computer science convention. *= co-corresponding authors.
(In revision for second round review.) We thank two anonymous reviewers and Dan Schendel for constructive comments that have helped us to improve this paper. We also thank members of the University of Michigan OBHRM discussion series for useful comments on earlier versions of this work. The authors contributed equally to this paper. ABSTRACT A firm's(More)
  • Applebaum E, Bailey, T Berg, P Kalleberg, D N Ashton, J Sungh +46 others
  • 2003
Allen McManus and Russel (1999) " Newcomer socialization and stress: Formal peer relationships as a source of support " , (1998a), "High Performance work systems and firm performance: a synthesis of research and managerial implications", in Ferris, G.R. Bradley J., (2000) " The Irish economy in comparative perspective " , Bust to Boom? The Irish experience(More)
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