D. Hanumantha Rao Naidu

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Single-microphone speech enhancement algorithms that employ trained codebooks of parametric representations of speech spectra have been shown to be successful in the suppression of non-stationary noise, e.g., in mobile phones. In this paper, we introduce the concept of a context-dependent codebook, and look at two aspects of context: dependency on the(More)
The robotic hands can be divided into two major groups: fully-actuated and underactuated hands. In fully-actuated hands all the joints have separate motors, while in underactuated hands the number of motors is less than number of degrees of freedom. The underactuated hands can adapt to the object shape by use of their mechanical design while they have less(More)
The advent of ubiquitous mobile communication has posed a lot of challenges, one of the prominent being suppression of background noise, especially in non-stationary noisy environments. In literature, several speech enhancement techniques have been proposed to tackle this problem of noise reduction. Codebook-based speech enhancement (CBSE) employing trained(More)
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