D. Hanumantha Rao Naidu

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Cartosat-1, ISRO's first satellite with along track stereo capability was launched in May 2005 providing high-resolution stereo imagery of earth's surface for cartographic applications. Providing relevant ancillary information along with the data product is the general practice followed by satellite data providers. Rational Polynomial Camera (RPC) model is(More)
Single-microphone speech enhancement algorithms that employ trained codebooks of parametric representations of speech spectra have been shown to be successful in the suppression of non-stationary noise, e.g., in mobile phones. In this paper, we introduce the concept of a context-dependent codebook, and look at two aspects of context: dependency on the(More)
Use of high-resolution space-borne imagery in cartography is becoming increasingly popular. Space-borne imagery must be pre-processed for rectifying radiometric and geometric distortions using sophisticated mathematical models. These models must be applied in the form of software. The software for satellite data processing is inherently complex and needs to(More)
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