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DART is an ATM Network Interface Controller chip designed for both high bandwidth and low overhead communication. Innovative features are direct, protected application access to/from the network, host-assisted flow control, and¨message processing¨for flexible low overhead communication mechanisms. DART is being manufactured as a commercial product by(More)
We report the third documented case of small bowel entrapment within a sacral fracture leading to small bowel obstruction. This important diagnosis is rare and difficult to make, even with current imaging methods. We report a case in which a segment of small bowel trapped in a Denis II fracture of the sacrum required laparotomy, small bowel resection, and(More)
Diaphragmatic rupture due to blunt trauma is well recognised though uncommon. Most cases are diagnosed at the time of injury, but a proportion remain undiagnosed, only to present some months or even years later. This "delayed" group can present in a number of ways, including chronic abdominal and chest problems or an acute crisis. Herniation of abdominal(More)
The Available Bit Rate (ABR) ow control specication for ATM networks has recently been completed by the ATM Forum. However, the excessive complexity of the specied scheme and the uncertainty about its performance make it costly and risky to implement ABR ow control in hardware. This paper presents a software approach for implementing ABR ow control in(More)
We present the first directory of the specialist acetabular surgical units throughout the United Kingdom. Previously there has not been any directory of acetabular surgeons in the UK as held by any governmental or healthcare agency. We have established that acetabular fracture fixation cases were performed at 33 NHS hospitals in the UK in 2003-2004. The(More)