D. H. Zhou

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In this paper, the problems of fault detection, isolation, and estimation are considered for a class of discrete time-varying networked sensing systems with incomplete measurements. A unified measurement model is utilized to simultaneously characterize both the phenomena of multiple communication delays and data missing. A least-squares filter that(More)
—In this paper, the distributed filtering problem is investigated for a class of discrete time-varying systems with an event-based communication mechanism. Each intelligent sensor node transmits the data to its neighbors only when the local innovation violates a predetermined Send-on-Delta (SoD) data transmission condition. The aim of the proposed problem(More)
This paper is concerned with polynomial filtering and fault detection problems for a class of nonlinear systems subject to additive noises and faults. The nonlinear functions are approximated with polynomials of a chosen degree. Different from the traditional methods, the approximation errors are not discarded but formulated as low-order polynomial terms(More)
This paper presents a sensor fault detection and identification scheme for uncertain linear time-invariant neutral delay systems. Modeling uncertainty, disturbance and noise are represented as unknown bounded inputs appearing in the state and output equations. An adaptive observer scheme extending Vemuri and Polycarpou (1997)'s work is utilized to detect(More)