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It is a challenging problem to derive closed-form solution of inverse kinematics of the humanoid robot fingers with nonlinearly coupled joints. This paper presents a novel quasi-closed-form solution of inverse kinematics for such fingers. On the assumption that the angles of the two coupled joints are equal, an approximate closed-form solution of fingertips(More)
Strong anisotropic compression with pressure on the remarkable non-linear optical material KBe2BO3F2 has been observed with the linear compression coefficient along the c axis found to be about 40 times larger than that along the a axis. An unusual non-monotonic pressure response was observed for the a lattice parameter. The derived bulk modulus of 31 ± 1(More)
On the basis of dynamic equations of neural networks, the stabilizing time and the computing precision in the neurocomputation of elastic problem are analyzed both theoretically and numerically. The simulation results show that there are effects of capacity C, amplifying gain beta on the stabilizing time, and the resistance R, penalty coefficient alpha on(More)
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