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A method to analyze the fractal system in the time domain is presented so that the dynamic behavior of the system can be studied. The fractal system is represented by a set of linear time-varying differential equations whose order depends on the order of the system under non-fractal condition. Four different types of fractal system are considered and their(More)
It is a challenging problem to derive closed-form solution of inverse kinematics of the humanoid robot fingers with nonlinearly coupled joints. This paper presents a novel quasi-closed-form solution of inverse kinematics for such fingers. On the assumption that the angles of the two coupled joints are equal, an approximate closed-form solution of fingertips(More)
Strong anisotropic compression with pressure on the remarkable non-linear optical material KBe2BO3F2 has been observed with the linear compression coefficient along the c axis found to be about 40 times larger than that along the a axis. An unusual non-monotonic pressure response was observed for the a lattice parameter. The derived bulk modulus of 31 ± 1(More)
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