D. H. Petzl

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BACKGROUND The traditional treatment of aneurysms of the descending thoracic aorta includes posterolateral thoracotomy and aortic replacement with a prosthetic graft. In this study, we report our experiences and results in endovascular stent graft placement as an alternative to surgical repair. METHODS Between January 1989 and July 1997, a total of 68(More)
In a series of 56 patients (24 uncomplicated postoperative and 32 septic patients), neopterin and elastase alpha 1 protease inhibitor complex (E-alpha 1 PI) plasma levels were measured daily. The clinical course of each patient was evaluated with the Multiple Organ Failure (MOF) score according to Goris. Neopterin could differentiate between septic and(More)
Thirty-three 10-year-old boys repeatedly performed six symptom-limited, spiroergometric exercise tests according to the vita maxima method over an observation period of 4 years. Submaximum and maximum performance parameters were assessed and their correlation was calculated. The correlation of the heart rate at 1, 2 and 3 watts/kg body weight with the(More)
Circadian variation of plasma levels of human atrial natriuretic peptide (hANP) was studied in 8 patients less than or equal to 65 a of age (mean +/- SD = 43.8 +/- 13 a; 5 females, 3 males) and in 15 patients greater than 65 years of age (mean +/- SD = 81.4 +/- 5.7 a; 9 females, 6 males). Intraindividual variation was up to 40% relative to the day's mean(More)
Plasma levels of human atrial natriuretic peptide were determined during different stages of a symptom-limited bicycle ergometer stress test. Eight healthy persons and three patients suffering from well-defined cardiac disorders were examined. Measurements of the peptide were performed before the exercise, at 75 watts, at maximal work load, and 10 and 30(More)
Sotalol is a non-selective beta-adrenergic blocking agent with class III antiarrhythmic properties. Our study was intended to assess the efficacy of sotalol on exercise-inducible arrhythmias by oral administration to out patients. Thirty patients with exercise-inducible arrhythmias (80% coronary artery disease, 20% congestive cardiomyopathy) were studied(More)
Blood samples from 431 persons (age: 78 to 99 years) were examined by the direct anti-human-globulin test (d. AHGT ) with polyspecific and monospecific antisera. Three antibody-mediated positive d. AHGT were found. There was no increase in non antibody-mediated positive complement Coombs reactions in healthy persons of high age.
Titres of blood-group isoagglutinins and the serum concentration of immunoglobulins M and G were investigated in 388 inmates (89.7% females) of an old-age home, ranging in age from 78 to 99 years [mean (+/- s) = 85.7 years +/- 4.1 years]. Concentrations of isoagglutinins were positively correlated to the concentrations of IgM (total concentration of IgM(More)