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The system of Primary Health care (PHC) in Thailand is one of the oldest in the world and is known worldwide for its success. Supporting the concept of community involvement, the Village Health Volunteer (VHV) is the backbone of this health care delivery system. In December 1994, an ethnographic field study was conducted in a village in Northeast Thailand(More)
African Americans face disproportionate sexually transmitted infection including HIV (STI/HIV), with those passing through a correctional facility at heightened risk. There is a need to identify modifiable STI/HIV risk factors among incarcerated African Americans. Project DISRUPT is a cohort study of incarcerated African American men recruited from(More)
The study relates to suicides occurring in Shropshire during 1965 to 1973 inclusive. Psychiatric patients who had committed suicide were compared with others, matched by sex and age who had not done so. The suicide group included a higher proportion of members who had behaved violently, experienced a broken marriage (through death, separation or divorce) or(More)
In any assessment of hospital life, the patients' view is indispensable, but there is no generally accepted way of seeking it. In this study, the views of 258 patients in four 'traditional' English psychiatric hospitals were obtained by a questionnaire of 45 items supplemented by freehand comments. Their experience of fellow patients, the staff and the(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To describe the characteristics of a child's bone marrow transplant (BMT) experience that may precipitate a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the parent. DATA SOURCES Published articles, books, and the authors' clinical experience. DATA SYNTHESIS When viewed from the PTSD framework, parental reactions to a child's BMT offer(More)
The Psychological Trauma and Psychological Resources Scale has been developed to identify adolescents and adults who have experienced traumatic events, i.e., physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and neglect. The scale also attempts to identify the presence of compensatory or resource factors such as social support that may serve to ameliorate the effects of(More)