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This is the report of a series of eight patients with pulmonary hypertension (primary and secondary) who delivered at the McMaster University Medical Centre between 1978 and 1987. Seven of the eight patients delivered vaginally and had a successful outcome. The eighth patient was admitted as an emergency and died shortly after Caesarean section under(More)
This report describes two cases of severe cardiovascular collapse occurring during laparoscopy using carbon dioxide insufflation under general anesthesia. Both patients made eventual complete recovery. The possible causes, gas embolism being the most likely, are discussed. A list of precautions for the safe conduct of laparoscopy is presented. Since these(More)
Preoperative cimetidine, ranitidine, or placebo were administered, orally or intravenously to 190 patients in a double-blind study. The volume and pH of gastric aspirate samples, obtained after tracheal intubation and before extubation, were measured. Both cimetidine and ranitidine produced higher mean pH levels and thus fewer patients "at risk" should(More)
Alfathesin and thiopentone were compared in a double blind study where each drug was given by intravenous infusion supplemented with fentanyl and nitrous oxide, in 54 healthy female patients under-going therapeutic abortion. The two drugs were similar in terms of changes in cardiorespiratory variables, side effects, clinical efficacy, and patient(More)
Preoperative cimetidine 300 mg or ranitidine in 50 and 100 mg doses were administered intramuscularly to 120 patients in a randomized double-blind study. The volume and pH of gastric aspirate samples obtained after tracheal intubation and before extubation were measured. The pH of gastric aspirate was higher following ranitidine 100 mg than ranitidine 50 mg(More)
A double-blind comparison of carbonated bupivacaine and bupivacaine hydrochloride in extradural anaesthesia was performed in 40 patients. No significant differences in the onset times, sensory blockade, motor blockade and duration of anaesthesia were demonstrated. Carbonated bupivacaine does not appear to offer any advantage over the hydrochloride salt for(More)
The effects of fentanyl (1 microgram/kg) supplementing an alfathesin infusion technique were assessed in a double blind study in 53 healthy unpremedicated female patients undergoing therapeutic abortion as outpatients. The addition of fentanyl reduced the tachycardia, tachypnoea and hyperventilation seen in those patients receiving alfathesin alone, without(More)