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An active site, cofactor-containing peptide has been obtained in high yield from bovine serum amine oxidase. Sequencing of this pentapeptide indicates: Leu-Asn-X-Asp-Tyr. Analysis of the peptide by mass spectrometry, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, and proton nuclear magnetic resonance leads to the identification of X as 6-hydroxydopa. This result(More)
The neuroendocrine bag cell neurons of the marine mollusk Aplysia produce prolonged inhibition that lasts for more than 2 hr. We purified a peptide from the abdominal ganglion that mimics this inhibition. Mass spectrometry and microsequence analysis indicate that the peptide is 40 aa long and is amidated at its carboxyl terminus. It is highly homologous to(More)
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