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Growing up with Asperger's disorder is complex and fraught with difficulty. Although the literature includes some research related to the transition of youth with Asperger's disorder to school and employment, none pertains to the transition to adulthood and independent living. Although a marginal number of young adults with Asperger's disorder eventually(More)
From November 10-16, 1982, 220 (57%) of 383 attendees at eight banquets for which food had been prepared at a single hotel restaurant and the employees of the hotel had onset of Norwalk virus gastroenteritis. Epidemiologic investigation of the three largest banquets confirmed consumption of potato and fruit salads (banquet A), coleslaw (banquet B), and(More)
This paper examines the effect of regret on investment in a market where investors can choose to trade, or not to trade, an asset with uncertain value. Investors face the tradeoff between the expect utility of investment return and the expected disutility of regret. When the movement of price is moderate, investors take positions according to their private(More)
In order to cope with the large volume of remotely-sensed data available now and expected in the future, efficient automatic processing techniques are required. A particular problem in automatic interpretation of this data is the identification of relevant connected regions in the image, i.e. segmentation. This can generally only be achieved to a required(More)
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