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The authors report their experience with 14 patients with portal vein injuries (1976-1986) treated at a level I trauma center. Seven patients (50%) survived and included six of 10 patients (60%) who had venorrhaphy and one in whom the portal vein was ligated. Associated injuries were present in all the patients (mean Abdominal Trauma Index: 39.5) and(More)
Among the surgical complications of intravenous drug addiction, pyogenic splenic abscess is considered to be a rare entity. A review of the literature reveals only 24 cases of splenic abscess secondary to this particular etiology. The authors report five patients with intravenous drug addiction who underwent splenectomy for pyogenic splenic abscess within 1(More)
We present a patient who, after lateral venorrhaphy of a stab wound of the portal vein, developed portal venous thrombosis. The diagnosis was confirmed by real-time sonography and the patient was managed successfully with anticoagulation. Ultrasound provides a noninvasive, effective method of diagnosis and serial followup after repair.
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