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An oracle is a mechanism against which the tester can decide whether the outputs of the program for the executed test cases are correct. A fundamental problem of software testing is that, in many situations, the oracle is not available or too difficult to apply. A metamorphic testing (MT) method has been proposed to alleviate the oracle problem. MT is an(More)
Brown planthopper(BPH) is one of the most serious and destructive insect pests of rice in most rice growing regions of the world. In this study, two major resistance genes against BPH have been identified in an Oryza rufipogon (Griff.) introgression rice line, RBPH54. Inheritance of the BPH resistance in RBPH54 was studied by screening the resistance in(More)
An " oracle " in software testing is a procedure by which testers can decide whether the output of the program under testing is correct. In some situations, however, the oracle is not available or too difficult to apply. This is known as the " oracle problem ". In other situations, the oracle is often the human tester who checks the testing result manually.(More)
  • J A Lubguban, B Lahlouh, T Rajagopalan, N Biswas, S Gangopadhyay, J Sun +8 others
  • 2004
We present a supercritical CO 2 (SCCO 2) process for the preparation of nanoporous organosilicate thin films for ultra low dielectric constant materials. The porous structure was generated by SCCO 2 extraction of a sacrificial poly(propylene glycol) (PPG) from a nanohybrid film, where the nanoscopic domains of PPG porogen are entrapped within the(More)
  • A G U Perera, S G Matsik, P V V Jayaweera, D H Huang, H C Liu, M Buchanan
  • 2007
—The use of plasmons to improve the response of FIR and THz detectors is generating extensive interest. Increased absorption due to the plasmonic absorption in a GaAs wafer with a thin oxide layer and a metal grid is reported. As expected, an absorption peak for E perpendicular to the grid is observd with peak wavelength varying from 12.6 to 14.3 µm as the(More)
The solution conformation of gramicidin S in deuterated dimethyl sulfoxide was investigated by using the intramolecular nuclear Overhauser effect experiment. Experimental Overhauser enhancements were compared with predicted values for each of the nine most-stable conformations (M1-M9) calculated by Dygert et al. on the basis of energy-minimization(More)
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