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The authors review the recent, conflicting findings of the effect of ECT on diabetes mellitus. To further explore this relationship, they present case reports of three adult-onset diabetic patients with varying degrees of diabetic management who were treated for depression with ECT. The results point to the variability of effects which ECT may have on blood(More)
At this time, do we need a whole volume on this subject, I wondered? This multiauthored monograph comprises five chapters covering relevant basic science followed by seven chapters mostly exploring the use of these medications in treating different disorders. Csernansky and Filippino begin with a chapter providing historical background and a review of the(More)
Since 1985, approximately 75% of the psychiatry department faculty of a medical school have met every two weeks for a supervisors' conference. The conference was conceived by members of the Residency Education Committee as a way to improve the supervision of psychiatry residents. It has evolved into a study group of supervision and serves as a forum for(More)
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