D. H. Dawes

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Arrays of both annular and square annular slots in a conducting sheet on a dielectric substrate have been fabricated photolithographically. The structures are shown to behave as bandpass filters in the far infrared, with a resonant wavelength slightly larger than the average circumference or perimeter of the slot. The measured far-infrared transmittance of(More)
We apply THz imaging technology to evaluate fire damage to a variety of carbon fiber composite samples. The majority of carbon fiber materials have polarization-dependent reflectivities in the THz frequency range, and we show how the polarization dependence changes versus the burn damage level. Additionally, time domain information acquired through a THz(More)
We consider the integral $$\int\limits_0^\infty {xe^{ - \eta x^2 } } J_b (Kx)Y_b (kx)dx$$ whereη, K, k andb are all positive real numbers. We reduce this integral to a linear combination of two integrals. The first of these is an exponential integral, which can be expressed as a difference of two Shkarofsky functions, or can easily be evaluated numerically.(More)
A rigorous formulation is used to calculate the transmission properties of a thin, perfectly conducting biperiodic capacitive mesh on a dielectric boundary. The formulation is analogous to the well-known modal method used for inductive meshes, with the modal electric fields replaced by modal currents. Measurements made at submillimeter wavelengths are(More)
Analysis of trusts that changed their star-rating over the past two years indicates that a change of chief executive was not a significant factor. The length of time in post and the experience of the chief executive were also insignificant. This has serious implications for the theory behind franchising and the evaluation of franchised trusts. Holding chief(More)
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