D. H. Abdel Rahman

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An aggregate game is a normal-form game with the property that each player's payoff is a function only of his own strategy and an aggregate function of the strategy profile of all players. Aggregate games possess a set of purely algebraic properties that can often provide simple characterizations of equilibrium aggregates without first requiring that one(More)
According to Sannikov and Skrzypacz (2007), collusion breaks down in public Nash equilibrium. Here, though, firms collude in public communication equilibrium as long as equation (5) in the paper holds. If it fails, this agreement falls apart for the same reason as in Sannikov and Skrzypacz’s result: obedient firms cannot be identified, so discouraging(More)
A speaker attempts to persuade a listener to accept a request by presenting evidence. A persuasion rule specifies what evidence is persuasive. This paper compares static and dynamic rules. We present a single linear program (i) whose solution corresponds to the listener's optimal dynamic rule and (ii) whose solution with additional integer constraints(More)
Consider a strategic environment subject to moral hazard and adverse selection across multiple stages, with rich communication protocols. In this paper, we prove that for any allocation, there exist linear transfers to make it incentive compatible if and only if every undetectable deviation from honesty and obedience is unprofitable when the transfers equal(More)
In this paper I study the possibility of full surplus extraction on arbitrary type spaces, with three main results: (i) I characterize full surplus extraction, (ii) I characterize full surplus extraction assuming that the surplus-extracting allocation is implementable, and (iii) I show that virtually full surplus extraction implies full surplus extraction.(More)
Royal jelly is widely consumed in the community and has perceived benefits ranging from promoting growth in children and improvement of general health status to enhancement of longevity for the elderly. However, royal jelly consumption has been linked to contact dermatitis, acute asthma, anaphylaxis and death. High prevalence of positive skin tests to royal(More)