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We describe a cell-free system in which a postribosomal supernatant from metaphase HeLa cells induces prophase-like changes in permeabilized HeLa cell populations as evidenced by the nuclear lamin disassembly and chromatin condensation. We have attempted to characterize the cell-free system with permeabilized HeLa cells. First, by extracting lamins with(More)
The nuclear lamins are directed from the cytoplasm to chromosomes as part of the maturation pathway of the interphase nucleoskeleton. In mitosis, the three polypeptides lamin A, B and C were found in the cytoplasm from prophase until anaphase and shifted to chromosomal surfaces at telophase (Ely, D'Arcy and Jost, 1978; Gerace, Blum and Blobel, 1978). We(More)
Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against rat liver nuclear lamins have been used to evaluate the immunological cross-reactivity of lamins with a given antibody in a variety of animal and plant cells. The results indicated that lamins of all vertebrate cells but not invertebrate cells share at least one antigenic determinant, resulting in immunological(More)
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