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The protection of High Performance Computing architectures is still an open research problem. Generally, current solutions only feature confinement using sandboxing but none address the problematic of information flow control. This is why a better integration of mandatory access control mechanisms is needed in the HPC environment. In this paper, we propose(More)
Assessing the impact of Mandatory Access Control (MAC) integration in the Linux kernel performance is still an open problem. Regarding the specific paradigm of MAC in High Performance Computing, there are actually few works. Yet, guaranteeing security properties on a shared cluster is both a necessity and a challenge. This is a necessity because it is(More)
Modern operating systems continue to be the victims of attacks and information leaks. Emerging architectures such as cloud computing or HPC are complex to set up and face many kinds of security threats. However, they still rely on traditional access control mechanisms to protect the system and users' data, whereas these mechanisms can be misconfigured and(More)
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