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The location of a wave farm, and, in particular, its distance to the coast is one of the key aspects in a wave energy project. In the selection of the location a number of variables are typically taken into account, from the wave resource to the maintenance or infrastructure costs; however, the effects of the farm on the coast, which can be instrumental in(More)
Within a closed domain - such as a railway train, chemical production line, vehicle or home of the future - concurrent applications running in embedded controller units (ECUs) and on servers share many common sensors, actuators and feedback paths through the physical part of the domain, while having to abide by common, basic liveness and consistency rules(More)
This paper presents a new hardware synthesis flow, which generates an output verifiable in a field-programmable gate array. It demonstrates the relevance of fault-tolerant synthesis as required by demanding, sustainable, safety-critical applications. Although general-purpose in capability, the technique is particularly applicable for modern processor(More)
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