D. Gottfried

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Can false memories that were suppressed at one time spontaneously recover at a later time? Fuzzy trace theory and activation-monitoring theory predict that false memories in the Deese, Roediger, and McDermott (DRM) procedure become substantially reduced as list learning progresses because participants employ a memory-editing process. It follows that if the(More)
ABsTRACT The process of protvtyping is part of every scientific inquiry, product design, and learning activity. The new economic realities require the rapid prototyping of manufactured artifacts and rapid solutions to problems with numerous interrelated elements. This, in turn, requires the fast, accurate simulation of physical processes and design(More)
  • E N Houstis, A C Catlin, P Tsompanopoulou, D Gottfried, G Balakrishnan, K Su +1 other
  • 2002
Gas turbine engines are very complex (with 20 – 40,000 parts) and have extreme operating conditions. The important physical phenomena take place on scales from 10 –100 microns to meters. A complete and accurate dynamic simulation of an entire engine is enormously demanding. Designing a complex system, like a gas turbine engine, will require fast, accurate(More)
Whole rock potassium-argon ages for samples of subsurface basalt recovered near Charleston, South Carolina, are interpreted to indicate a Triassic or Jurassic age for the basalt and underlying sedimentary red beds. This age is consistent with existing evidence indicating that an early Mesozoic basin is present in the subsurface of a large part of the(More)
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