D. Gopinath

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We discuss the development of predictive choice models that go beyond the random utility model in its narrowest formulation. Such approaches incorporate several elements of cognitive process that have been identified as important to the choice process, including strong dependence on history and context, perception formation, and latent constraints. A(More)
Zoonotic infections by avian influenza viruses occur at the human-poultry interface, but the modes of transmission have not been fully investigated. We assessed the potential for airborne and fomite transmission at live poultry markets in Guangzhou city and in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), China, during 2014 and 2015. Viral genome and(More)
—The dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) is an emerging technique to push the intelligent transportation system into our daily life. The DSRC standards generally adopt FM0 and Manchester codes to reach dc-balance, enhancing the signal reliability. Nevertheless, the coding-diversity between the FM0 and Manchester codes seriously limits the potential(More)
— In the old age, few people need special care if they are suffering from specific diseases as they can get stroke while they are in normal life routine. Also patients of any age, who are not able to walk, need to be taken care of personally but for this, either they have to be in hospital or someone like nurse should be with them for better care. This is(More)
— The advent of inexpensive power semiconductors and digital control platforms has generated an interest in machines like switched reluctance motor (SRM) which is known for its structural simplicity. In domestic sector, however, conventional type of single phase induction motor (SPIM) is still commonly used. Most domestic appliances use fractional kilowatt(More)
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