D. Gnana Bharathi

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Evaluation and ranking of every author is very crucial as it is widely used to evaluate the performance of the researcher. This article proposes a new method, called Bh-Index, to evaluate the researchers based on the publications and citations. The method is built on h-Index and only the h-core articles are taken into consideration. The method assigns value(More)
— Automating the task of computer system's self-activities by making the computer systems as self-regulating and intelligent one leads to the idea of Autonomic computing systems. Autonomic computing refers to computing systems that satisfies the properties of self-management, self-optimization, self-protection, self-healing and self-configuration. In this(More)
To identify confidentiality risks in grid data sets. It provides an algorithm for the risks. A grid consists of entities connected by links representing relations such as friendship, communication, or shared activity. To maintain confidentiality when publishing grid data, it is constant challenging one, because an individual's grid context can be used to(More)
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