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This Paper Presents, an Image Processing Method for counting the number of trees in a High Spatial Resolution Satellite Image using Texture Approach. A hierarchical strategy is followed for detect, delineate and counting the trees in an image. Texture Approach Algorithm converts the RS Image in to HSI Image for more qualitatively analyze the image data.(More)
The new machine vision that is emerging is already generating millions of dollars per year in thousands of successful applications. Machine vision is becoming established as a successful tool for industrial automation where 100 % inspection of manufactured parts during production is becoming a reality. Two-thirds of applications of machine vision are found(More)
Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a self-configured, infrastructure less network of mobile nodes which are free to move independently. It is deployed in areas where infrastructural setup like base stations, routers is not available e.g. emergency scenarios like war, earthquake etc. To send packets, routing protocols are required. To minimize the battery(More)
An ideal Network Processor, that is, a programmable multi-processor device must be capable of offering both the flexibility and speed required for packet processing. But current Network Processor systems generally fall short of the above benchmarks due to traffic fluctuations inherent in packet networks, and the resulting workload variation on individual(More)
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