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A texture measure is defined for the purpose of two-dimensional histological image classification, based upon a novel exploitation of the modulus of the Fourier transform. Its implementation in the form of an algorithm is presented and discussed, and employed to classify a set of histological images. The results, which were obtained by the analysis and(More)
An observation that a series of proprietary compounds containing a methyl thiophenyl group all underwent metabolic S-oxidation, and that the product ion spectra of the resulting S-oxides showed methyl radical loss under low-energy atmospheric pressure ionisation tandem mass spectrometry (API-MS/MS) conditions, has led to an investigation of the(More)
BACKGROUND Targeting the gonadotropin-releasing hormone pathway for the treatment of endometriosis leads to an interest in monitoring for endogenous modulators of this pathway (RFRP3 and kisspeptin) as baseline controls for treatment development. RESULTS Stabilization of RFRP3 was shown to be extremely difficult in a highly enzymatically active matrix,(More)
The performance of a histogram matching algorithm was evaluated for the classification of organelles in histological images. The test set used for this investigation comprised several digital images of sheep pituitary gland captured using a CCD camera linked to a Tunnelling Electron Microscope. Results show that the normalized image histogram is a good(More)
but were increased around areas of necrosis and around blood vessels. No relationship between tumour cell proliferation and necrosis was detected. Conclusions: Tumour cell proliferation is concentrated around blood vessels in glioblastomas. Blood vessel proliferation, but not tumour cell proliferation, is related to areas of necrosis and the presence of(More)
One of the important criteria in managing salinity is the ability to quantify the amount of salt stored in the environment. The total amount of salt, including both immobile and mobile salt, is termed salt load. Conventionally, salt load has been calculated from soil and groundwater investigations. In the regolith, salt load is mainly attributed to the(More)
Increased demand for assays for compounds at the early stages of drug discovery within the pharmaceutical industry has led to the need for open-access mass spectrometry systems for performing quantitative analysis in a variety of biological matrices. The open-access mass spectrometers described here are LC/MS/MS systems operated in 'multiple reaction(More)
Export controls require that computer systems, specifically Digital Central Processing units, be characterized as to performance. Absolute performance measurement is not required, rather a very wide range of CPUs, from micros to supercomputers, must be rank ordered. Ranking is based on a synthetic characterization and is influenced by the design details of(More)