D. Garmatyuk

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The authors demonstrate the ability of the ultra-wideband random noise radar to be used as a SAR imagery instrument. Experimentation with processing data collected over different angles clearly shows that theoretical cross-range and slant-range resolution are achieved. It was also observed that, due to the waveform structure end 'boom-SAR' geometry,(More)
  • D. Garmatyuk
  • 2006 IEEE International Conference on Ultra…
  • 2006
This paper concerns initial simulation study of an imaging radar system employing frequency division multiplexing as means of generating radar pulses. General architecture of OFDM communication system with realistic parameters was adopted and then modified to be used for synthetic aperture radar modeling. Arbitrary target function consisting of several(More)
A coherent ultrawideband (UWB) random noise synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has been developed and tested at the University of Nebraska. It has been experimentally shown that this type of radar is capable of extracting the phase and the amplitude of the backscattered signal, thus enabling us to create target profiles in the frequency domain. The use of fully(More)
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