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The rapid growing of applications of Advanced Transport Telematic (ATT) systems in recent years is generating an increasing request for tools to help in system design and assessment. Microscopic traffic simulation has proven to be one of the most useful tools to achieve these objectives, and thus microscopic traffic simulation has become an ever increasing(More)
For nearly 30 years the Hewlett Packard NonStop Enterprise Division (formerly Tandem Computers Inc.) has produced highly available, fault-tolerant, massively parallel NonStop computer systems. These vertically integrated systems use a proprietary operating system and specialized hardware for detecting, isolating, and recovering from faults. The NonStop(More)
brothers of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. I am eternally grateful for their support of my dreams and aspirations in aviation. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to acknowledge my major professor, committee chair, and friend, Denver Lopp. His fierce and tireless support in myself, and other Aviation Management students has inspired a generation of professionals to(More)
Classical methodologies for Salmonella detection may be too long in time to assure public safety. Presently, one of the fastest assays for Salmonella detection using the mini-VIDAS® system is the Easy Salmonella protocol. This assay, developed for food matrixes analysis, was here assessed for the applicability on the detection of these bacteria in(More)
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