D. Gaidarenko

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We have developed and demonstrated high bandwidth Josephson circuits to interface the output of RSFQ circuits to room temperature electronics. Asynchronous dc powered voltage driver circuits have been designed to amplify RSFQ signal levels to voltage outputs in the 2-4 mV range, in a wide bandwidth. These driver circuits have been characterized and tested(More)
Recording transient physical phenomena such as short electromagnetic pulses requires a very wide-band digitizer. We have successfully designed, fabricated, and tested a superconductive flash digitizer circuit using Nb trilayer technology. The digitizer consists of a 6-bit flash analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a set of on-chip switches to start and stop(More)
We report successful demonstration of a fully operational integrated superconducting ADC system based on a phase modulation/demodulation architecture. It consists of a high-resolution ADC chip with a multiple-channel race arbiter and integrated bit-pipelined decimation filter, an interface electronics block converting the ADC output to standard ECL form at(More)
We have developed and verified experimentally a novel high-resolution superconducting ADC architecture based on phase modulation/demodulation principle and implemented in RSFQ logic. We have demonstrated an ADC chip providing full implementation of this architecture, including on-chip decimation filter and multiple-channel synchronizer. We have also(More)
We demonstrate a packaging system/test probe suitable for testing complex, large scale superconducting integrated circuits with thousands of Josephson junctions. The cryopackage is designed to work with a 1 cm superconducting die, with liquid He immersion cooling using a standard storage dewar. The package has 80 high-speed input-output lines (DC to 20 GHz)(More)
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