D. G. Zhang

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Functional electrical stimulation (FES) has grown to be an effective and important element in the biomedical industry over the years. Due to this fact, it has become the basis of many researches. However, much work is focused on the theory and control technique with very few relating experiments. In this work, some key experiments were performed on the leg(More)
Many patients presenting hypertension before/after surgery should need to receive adequate medication. For example, patients with dissecting aneurysm often show extreme hypertension and an adequate control of blood pressure of the patient will lead to good surgical outcome. On the other hand, untreated hypertension after surgery may create complication.(More)
  • D Zhang, K Zhu
  • 2004
A neural network (NN) control system is designed for the functional electrical stimulation (FES) assisted standing up. A musculoskeletal model of nine muscles and three segments is constructed for the simulation study. Each muscle is controlled by the sub-network of the functional neural network. The sub-network is the radial basis function (RBF) NN.(More)
This paper presents some theoretical analysis for the neural oscillator, which is widely applied in the robot and biped control. The methods adopted here include stability theory, describing function, and linear piecewise analysis. Some prime properties of the neural oscillator such as the frequency determining, boundness, and stability are exploited. The(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is widely used as an effective medium to integrate physical world and information world of Internet of Things (IOT). While keeping energy consumption at a minimal level, WSN requires reliable communication. Multicasting is a general operation performed by the Base Station, where data is to be transmitted to a set of(More)
Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is the leading cause of end-stage renal disease, with multiple genetic and environmental factors involving in its etiology. ACE and eNOS gene were considered to have important roles in the development and progression of DN. In this study, a case–control study was carried out to investigate the effects of 7 SNPs in ACE gene and 2(More)
It is known that postoperative hypertension is common in cardiac patients and untreated hypertension patients may result in complications. This paper presents a fuzzy controller-based multiple-model adaptive control system for postoperative blood pressure management. Multiple-model adaptive control (MMAC) algorithm is used to identify the patient model, and(More)
Many patients suffer from the spinal cord diseases, a proper modeling and control of human motor system will help to improve the prognosis of them. This paper presents an integrated model to describe the static and dynamic characters of spinal neuro-musculoskeletal system based on the currently accepted theories and hypothesis in biological motor control.(More)
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